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Have you heard about PollBuzzer? Well, it's a very unique survey site that pays you! It's a new, real-time consumer research tool where "YOU" as a "PANELIST" earn $1 for each question you answer. The question will be sent to your email address and you have to submit the answer within 24 hours.

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PollBuzzer is a legitimate survey site and they pay you via "PAYPAL". You also have an option to "DONATE YOUR EARNINGS" to non-profit organizations or charitable organizations. To join PollBuzzer Panel you must be atleast older than 13 years old to submit answers to questions and receive compensation.

 Earn $1 For Poll on PollBuzzer  

The Example of a PollBuzzer Survey :

Congratulations! You have been chosen to answer a PollBuzzer™ survey question. If you respond by Friday, June 08, 2012 5:35:27 PM (Eastern Time Zone), we'll pay you $1 for your answer.

Below you will find the question. Please read the question and answers carefully, then click on your answer to complete the survey.

Your answer will be recorded anonymously.


How likely are you to recommend PollBuzzer to a friend? (1=not at all likely; 10=extremely likely)

A. 10

B. 9

C. 8

D. 7

E. 6

F. 5

G. 4

H. 3

I. 2

J. 1

PollBuzzer is one of the easiest and quickest way to earn a buck online. PollBuzzer is what you wish every survey site would be! When I joined "PollBuzzer", I thought, "This is too good to be true"..but, hey, I got paid twice!

PollBuzzer send you "Polls" according to your demographic which means, you aren't going to get a poll every day! I got lucky, I guess..I got "TWO POLLS" in just one day from PollBuzzer! Polluzzer is free to join and it takes about only a minute or less to sign up. I highly recommend this site!


PollBuzzer has a new improved referral system too!

Send your special referral code to your friends, family or followers, etc..

Each time a new panelist signs up, you will get credit for the referral and when your referrer answers four questions for the first time, you will be paid another $1 into your account! 

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PollBuzzer is also on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any comments, concerns or questions about their Privacy Policy, you can contact them at -




245 1st Street, #1819

Suite 1819

Cambridge, MA 02142

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