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PAID TO CHAT : This is a very interesting site.If you are a kind of person who loves chatting to get away from boredom of life or you like to meet new people from all over the world and make friends.Then, this is it! You are at the right place. You can chat, you can make friends and you earn money. Isn't that great!

Get Paid to Chat

I was searching for a long time for such system of earning money online where I don't need to use my brain but just type away, make friends and earn extra income.It may not be a BIG INCOME but it sure adds up to your account.If you are a REGULAR CHATTER on any other sites, then you can easily PROMOTE YOUR OTHER CHAT FRIENDS to join this wonderful site and earn more money per day. You can earn 10% BONUS of your Referral's Earnings.

Anybody can join this Paid to Chat site.


1. Do Not Spam - The following are regarded as spam :
- Excessive and non relevant posts
- Excessive posting of links
- Copying and Pasting
- Posting lyrics to a song line by line
- Generally speaking, anything that most people would find annoying

2. No Pornographic Talk or Links Allowed - Please abstain from posting pornographic links of all nature as well as avoiding any topic of conversation pertaining to sexual matters.

3. Refrain from talking about AdSense Advertisements
The consequences of such activity will result in the following :
- Ban of earning AND chatting privileges
- Loss of all earnings and a permanent ban after the activity mentioned above continues


PAYMENT DETAILS : This Paid to Chat site pays you in PAYPAL. You can join only by an INVITATION REFERRAL LINK. So, you can JOIN ME through my INVITE if you don't mind and When you SIGN UP, make sure to add YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL ID since PAYOUT is AUTOMATIC.PAYMENTS and are sent every FRIDAY to your PayPal account.

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