Get Paid To Watch Videos on YouTube

This is another opportunity to earn money online the fun way. You get paid for watching YouTube Videos, when you subscribe to the video, comment, for rating the opportunities or for viewing cheap ads. It is an easy task, no mind wrecking job. You can earn more by referring friends. This is the fastest way to increase your earnings in Paid2YouTube.

You will get paid $0.01 for each video you personally view, $0.10 for each comment you leave, and $0.35 for each subscription you make. You will also get paid $0.005 for each video your referrals view, $0.01 for each comment your referrals leave, and $0.10 for each subscription your referrals make.

The Minimum Payout is $10.00 and it will be processed via PayPal (I GOT PAID WITHIN 24 hrs of REQUEST).

Join now and receive a $0.05 Sign-up Bonus!

I am yet to reach payout but one of my friend has already received a payout this month, so I am excited to tell you that inspite of all the criticism and blame , it sure does pay!

Once I get paid, I will surely U-P-L-O-A-D my payment proof! I am $4 away from minimum payout. Hope I can make it fast and request my payout, so that I can upload it here and assure you that it really pays you..(GOT PAID ALREADY)

Let's hope for the best!


Paid2YouTube Payment Proof

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