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When we login to our email account or any other account or while registering in different websites or while leaving comments in forums or blogs, we usually need to enter or type CAPTCHAS. Captchas are nothing but the blurred images of characters that most websites require you to enter for security purposes. The word Captcha stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart".

Captcha work is available online too. Many people think that by taking Captcha entry work as a part time job, we are already helping the scammers or hackers. These accusations are unfair but the point is person who is interested in doing Captcha work should consider before accepting any Captcha entry work, if possible research about the Company and try to know directly from the employers regarding the task.

Some people regard Captcha entry work as illegal but not all the Captcha entry work are for scammers and hackers. There are legitimate Captcha entry work that is being offered. Some data entry companies actually offer Captcha entry work for they provide services to the disabled.

Captcha work is very simple. Read the captcha code, enter it in the field and repeat it again and again. Honestly, there are a lot of captcha ads that pays an encoder $1 for a 1000 correct entries. Some pay higher, some lower. It depends upon the company.Not bad for quite an easy task. Good typing skill and speed adds to your income.

Captcha entry work can be legitimate and can be illegitimate too. So, if a person has a bad feeling about Captcha entry work then better leave it, don't do it. But, if you feel like giving it a try then give it a shot. is a website which offers Captcha entering work. Your new job is to retype the picture content into the input field in English. English alphabet knowledge is required. You will be paid from $1 for 1000 pictures. You are limited by your typing speed only - you can proceed up to ten pictures per minute. So, your payment can grow up to $3 per hour.

Captcha Work

Minimal amount for transfer is $3. The payment systems are PayPal and Webmoney. Transfers are proceeded daily.

Many people have got paid from this Captcha entry work by PixProfit. I personally find it boring to keep on typing and entering captchas the whole day. Some pictures are not even readable. But, if you still want to give it a try, you can do so! There is also another website called, I am not sure about this Captcha entry website but many people claimed to have got paid. The website is not in English Language, but you can take the help of Google Translator to understand the website.

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