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Have you heard about "BzzAgent"? It's a media network that recruits people to evaluate products and services at no cost. I'm a BzzAgent member and my experience with BzzAgent has been so far very wonderful. Not only I get to try new products and services but I also get to share free coupons with my friends, relatives, co-workers or even random strangers. This month I was invited by BzzAgent to join a campaign for "Glade Expressions (R) Collections" and it was really awesome. Glade is a very popular brand and their products are amazing. You can either try - Fragrance Mist or the Non-Electric Diffuser. It makes your home smell good, fresh, no more odour. The fragrance is very long-lasting too! I had never used Glade Expressions (R) Collections at home before but now I will, thanks to BzzAgent Campaign.

BzzAgent BzzAgent - Product Testing Site

I have received so many free products to try at home. All I have to do is give my honest opinion on those products and services, spread the word to others during personnel interaction/communication. Also, you can use social media such as Twitter, Facebook or your own personal blog to share your personal views.

BzzAgent is not a money making site. It does not pay you! BzzAgent is a word of mouth advertising company with quarter million member agents. BzzAgent sends you an invite to join campaigns. The more you buzz and submit reports i.e. your opinion/reviews, the more are the chances to get invited for more exciting campaigns. Also, here's a good news for MyPoints Members. Everytime you complete a short survey, give your opinion, reviews or vote, you will earn points which will be credited to your MyPoints account. Isn't that great!

To join BzzAgent, you must be from US, UK or Canada.
NOTE : Make sure to check for available campaigns from time to time. You can ignore the ones that you don't want to participate and join the ones that interests you. 

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